Whoa, I’m Not Dead! (Plus Housekeeping!)

Hello there! As the title of this post says, I am not dead, don’t you worry (you probably weren’t)! I’ve been pretty busy with college stuff lately, but I’ve been wanting to post for awhile (I just haven’t gotten around to it until now).

I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to post about, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to start a new thing; I think I’m going to start blogging about some experiences that I’ve had. These could be things like stories from my childhood, something that happened to me recently, or things that totally just happen in my head and really are only meaningful to me, but that I feel the need to share with the entire internet anyway (hooray for narcissism!). In order to do this, I’m going to start a couple of “series” of posts. To kick this off, I’m going to start a series of posts about some of my childhood experiences, which will be tagged “Stories from Childhood”. This doesn’t mean all of my posts from now on will be of that nature – just some of them. I know this post isn’t much, but don’t worry – I’m working on my first “Stories from Childhood” post right now! So don’t fret.

See you soon (hopefully)!


About KainWithStructure

Author of "Form Without Structure", a blog about life, in general. Maybe. We'll see. Follow @RebelKZM on Twitter.
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