Hello there! I’m Kain. I will mainly be writing about my life and interests (pretty broad I guess, huh?) in a (hopefully) humorous and clever way.

Some background info about me…

I am a college student majoring in physics, so that tells you just about all you need to know about my social life. I am also a transgender guy, so I will likely be writing posts about that in the future. I love science, I have a love/hate relationship with politics, and I sometimes struggle with normal, day-to-day activities (which makes for some good stories).  I also curse, so if you are somehow on the internet and are still offended by cursing, I’m really fucking sorry. No really, I am.

Anyway. Stick around! Maybe I’ll get around to posting at some point? Here’s hoping!

Form Without Structure Official Twitter: @FWSBlog

My Personal Twitter: @RebelKZM

Our Official Facebook Page

Watch me give a speech here.


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