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I Have Trouble Paying Attention and That’s Okay

So, I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I have ADHD. I was diagnosed when I was in eighth grade, so I must’ve been about 14. Up to that point, I’d been an okay student. I was … Continue reading

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Snow Days

Hi everyone. I’m so sorry for how long it’s been since I’ve posted– I’ve been busy with school and all kinds of stuff that I may write about at some point, hopefully. This most recent semester of college, I took … Continue reading

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Stories From Childhood: Molasses

When I was a little kid, I was always took a long time¬†getting ready to go places. For some reason, it seemed to take me forever to decide what I should bring, gather everything up, put on my shoes, everything … Continue reading

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Whoa, I’m Not Dead! (Plus Housekeeping!)

Hello there! As the title of this post says, I am not dead, don’t you worry (you probably weren’t)! I’ve been pretty busy with college stuff lately, but I’ve been wanting to post for awhile (I just haven’t gotten around … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why I am Glad to be Leaving NJ

So, I’m heading¬†off to my out-of-state college in a few days, and I just wanted to post a short list of the top 10 reasons why I hate my home state of New Jersey. Chris Christie is an asshat. Chris … Continue reading

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I have this weird thing that I do in order to prepare for stuff that I am excited for. It’s really weird. Ready? I plan. Yes, plan. But not in the way that you’re thinking, oh no. Not normal, “oh, … Continue reading

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The Universe is Wonderful

You know, sometimes I forget just how beautiful existence is. I went outside tonight with my telescope for just a few minutes, and I decided to look at the moon for awhile (because it’s easy to find and honestly my … Continue reading

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